Jan 16, 2013

Just the basics

I have cleared out all the old posts from this blog and am starting over in more ways than just one.

Life is funny and keeps turning upside-down.  The older I get the odder it is.  Goals, dreams and LIFE IN GENERAL changes.

So lets just do a quick over-view for now.

I am 44-1/2 years old.  Am fat, no other way to put it... have been for most of my life and most certainly all of my adult life... the reasons I know and am starting to work on, both emotionally and physically.  This is truly THE LAST HALF OF LIFE for me, so I am now going to start trying to enjoy it and quit worrying so much about the "what if's"...

I am poor.  Always have been, most likely always will be.  Guess what?  To me that is just fine.  Because of it I have learned to do things many others my age wouldn't know how, or care how, to do.  I am extremely thankful my parents always made sure we had fun when possible.  Some of my favorite memories are of Friday night football games and trips to the lake to camp.  Bowling, them not us, was always a big one.

I live an alternate lifestyle and that is one of the key issues.  This is my life and I will finally live it.  Not just survive it.

We (my room-mates and myself) are family in all ways that truly matter and will be addressed as such here.  We consist of Jon (Trapper), Stacey (Darra), Trevor (Lil' T, Turdsickle, Captain Destructo >>> he is 3 and has MANY monikers) and myself, Janalee (Aherra).  We live on 6.8 acres in Laclede county Missouri and are trying to get it to a small homestead stage, not easy given we all have disabilities of one kind or another and of course finances are always a problem when trying to start out on something like this... but we are getting there.

We started out here in a 14 x 40 unit with half loft that the company put in WAY OF LEVEL and we lived in it for a little over a year... now we are in two 12 x 24 units we are getting ready to connect (about 9-1/2 feet in between) and then in future years expand.  Tight quarters for four people... especially when we all have tempers.  But so far we all survive.

In the next few days I will post some pictures and go into more details, but right now it is getting colder, I need to go check the barrel stove (yes, you read that correctly) and get Darra up to take over the watch ... maybe I will get a few more hours sleep before its time to get up and start on the never-ending chores.  Maybe.  Most likely my brain will just keep cycling through all the things we/I need to do in the next few days... and weeks... and years.

Til next time: live life and enjoy what you can of it.

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Rivenfae said...

Nice to see you got started hun! Will be reading!