Jan 22, 2013

Busy but good

Well, its been a very busy but good week here on the hill.

We've gotten the supplies from Lucky Lumber in Mansfield for the connection between buildings, so hopefully in about a month that project will be complete. 

We've gotten a ten cubic yard truck of crushed gravel in for the driveway and walkway... and boy is there something I have to tell you;  after only spreading about three of it out to level out driveway I am now more than ever in love with our neighbors Jon B.  and Jay D... they are over helping with other projects we just can't because of physical limitations like the ceiling insulation and re-doing the chimney pipe for the NEW WOOD BURNING STOVE ... and when Trapper and I got back from Lebanon two days ago they had done our walkway all the way to door of rear unit... about fifty feet long and three to four feet wide.  WE LOVE YOU GUYS !!!

Tomorrow we get the delivery from Lowes, which was supposed to come today, but they forgot us... probably a good thing since none of us were very limber today.  When it gets here it will have the luaun board for the ceilings and the hot water heater and its compliments for the time when we actually get the plumbing hooked up... also hopefully in the next month.  I will never take running water for granted again after this, and although we are still heating it in pans on top of the stove it is soooooo freaking nice to just have to step outside the door to get it.

We also had along with Jon B. we also had Brandon W. (a.k.a. The Chainsaw Cutting Fool) show up with Steve K. and trimmed out all the dead wood from the cedar trees lining the driveway and next to buildings.  They asked what I wanted taken out and I told them and now we have a lot less fire hazard right here... but a nice five foot tall twenty-five foot long "fence" of it at the road... which makes going to gather kindling a whole lot easier !!!

This is the time to tell you all just how much our neighbors, both in the area and a few miles away mean to us.  There is just no way we could have made it to this point without them.

When we first decided to buy the property  http://ozarkland.com/origannawoods/m/PortfolioGallery/Google-OW-M.jpg )here we were able to find the blog of one of our neighbors, Mark C. ( http://www.homestead.org/MissouriJournal/TheMissouriJournal.htm ) and through it I tracked down him and his room-mate Jon B. on Facebook.  Through Jon B.'s account I tracked down Jennifer M. and Marvin M. ( http://rivenfae-wolfwoods.blogspot.com/2010/02/our-dream-is-coming-true.html ) and three of their four kids.  Turns out all three households had bought their property from the same company.  They gave us all kinds of information on the area and things we needed to know before actually moving, along with taking pictures of our property so we could see it in different stages from what it was when we came to check it out... and because the pole number was visible we were also able to get all the paperwork done for electricity and phone before we even moved here.

Once we were here the adventure began... when I say "here" I mean a quarter mile down the road, since our first unit  made it all the way from Kansas to here with no problems but then couldn't make it up the hill to our property because the road was too narrow.  There was a group of the locals right at Gracies (which until it burned a few months ago was the local gathering spot) which abuts our property.  They  got brains and equipment together and in a couple hours had called others around who widened the road with a back-hoe (Jerry M.) and cut the trees as needed (Steve K, Senior).  The next day Jerry came back and bush-hogged the driveway and Jennifer, Marvin, their kids and Jon B. came back and helped us unload the moving truck into the 14 x 40 lofted unit we had. 

That would have been a great starter, but was never put in level and no matter how many times we leveled it the best we could, again with the neighbors help, it would sink again so that over the 14 foot width we were 17" off level and on the 40 foot side we were 26 inches off level... but I have to admit it made life interesting and gave me great admiration for sailors who listed to port and bow !!!

There will be more in later posts about how much else and on what these folks have become not just helpers and inspirations to us, but family as far as we're concerned. 

Now, its time for me to sign out and go hunting chicks.  Okay, lets clarify here... go to the local hatchery website ( http://cacklehatchery.com )to check out what chickens, ducks and turkeys are available.  Then off to start doing my seed surfing at Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds ( http://rareseeds.com ) which is the best place in the world as far as I am concerned... I shopped from there since the 2nd year it existed .... the fact that we moved to the area is a big added bonus.  They do ONLY heirloom seeds from around the world and have a wonderful place about 40 miles away.  Another added bonus is of course that is also to same town that Alonzo and Laura Ingalls Wilder made their home when they left South Dakota.  Oh, and did I mention that is also where Lucky Lumber is???  Yep, I love this area.  Between the people and the affordability, even if we are poor, we can still survive and are actually starting to get ahead, it is the best place we could have gone... and called "home" to all of us from day one.

Life is good... and is getting even better.

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Searching for ME said...

thank you in turn for sharing your info with us! we are so excited to start our adventure in the woods. I hope my neighbors are as amazing as yours are..I too love that seed co and we are window shopping with them as well..